~ church rehabilitation ~
Location: Palenzuela (Spain)
Year: 2018

Santiago Rodríguez, Jaime Ruiz,
Isabel Sánchez, Paulino Poveda

"Just at the moment when the ruins and the dark night merge, our project is born. A space of light and tradition, a place where history and culture come together to preserve the past."


The idea arises from the process of detachment of the stones of the ruined buildings, trying to reflect fallen stones on the ground. This project is created for the inhabitants of the village, an area with different spaces and functions, around the abandoned church of Santa Eulalia. Looking at the history of the town, Palenzuela (Spain), we discover the interesting ruins of its Castle, whose small holes serve as a reference in our project. Thus, small lighting and observation holes are generated, like stars in the sky.


The different pieces that are created have multiple uses: cafeteria, leisure spaces, terraces, meeting and rest spaces. In addition, the restoration of one of its facades is used to generate a projection surface, creating a night cinema.