Paulino Poveda

architect & designer

"World's a bubble, and the life of a man, less than a span."

(Francis Bacon, 1561 - 1626)

The studio was founded by Paulino Poveda an architect that studied at University of Valladolid (Spain) and did the first year of a master in Sustainable design at KU Leuven University in Gent (Belgium). 

The story of the studio started with the main goal of sharing our most personal works to inspire young students, designers and architects in a way that let their minds fly.


After doing a final thesis about Inflatable Architecture and Design, it opened us a creativity world with no limits. That totally changed the way of our designs, trying to explore a universe beyond imagination. That's the origin of our name...


Bubble Architecture Studio


... an evanescent studio that has no specific space, no exact place and no time restrictions. Like a bubble. 

We try to use different types of graphics in our projects, in order to fully explore our creative capacity. In this way, each "bubble project" has its own entity, with its own way of representing its universe.

Discover our world!